Optimize Resource Management

Stop spending hours deciding how to get the most out of your workforce.  Instead, start scheduling your laborers with data-driven scheduling.  

  • Increase resource utilization

  • Assign a variety of costs to all resources

  • Increase clarity of construction schedules

  • More... 

Create Accurate Schedules for Internal & External Use

Stop spending hours creating schedules with limited accuracy based on your PM's optimistic best-guess and instead create data-driven schedules.

  • Update your schedules quickly

  • Minimize task sequence slack

  • Save hours of scheduling work

  • More...

Increase How Competitive Your Bids Are

With more accurate schedules the ability to bid more competitively also arises. Don't get burned by bidding with inaccurate construction schedules.

  • Increase accuracy of bids

  • Increase the margin of error on bids

  • Land more contracts

  • More...

Decrease Downtime On Expensive Equipment 

Don't eat up profit margin on projects needing expensive equipment when you could instead model out all possible mixes of equipment.

  • Discover unexpected equipment mixes

  • Increase runtime on equipment

  • Analyse rent vs. buy scenarios

  • More...

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