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Brillist for Construction

The new industry standard for construction schedules. Start bidding more competitively, optimize resource usage, and adapt rapidly to unexpected circumstance with Brillist for Construction.

Optimize Resource Management

Stop spending hours deciding how to get the most out of your workforce.  Instead, start scheduling your laborers with data-driven scheduling.  

  • Increase resource utilization

  • Assign a variety of costs to all resources

  • Increase clarity of construction schedules

  • More... 


Create Accurate Schedules for Internal & External Use

Stop spending hours creating schedules with limited accuracy based on your PM's optimistic best-guess and instead create data-driven schedules.

  • Update your schedules quickly

  • Minimize task sequence slack

  • Save hours of scheduling work

  • More...

Increase How Competitive Your Bids Are

With more accurate schedules the ability to bid more competitively also arises. Don't get burned by bidding with inaccurate construction schedules.

  • Increase accuracy of bids

  • Increase the margin of error on bids

  • Land more contracts

  • More...


Decrease Downtime On Expensive Equipment 

Don't eat up profit margin on projects needing expensive equipment when you could instead model out all possible mixes of equipment.

  • Discover unexpected equipment mixes

  • Increase runtime on equipment

  • Analyse rent vs. buy scenarios

  • More...

Our Construction Clients

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