Smooth Staffing Levels Across Business Cycles

Avoid being caught flat-footed during sudden changes in demand with Brillist our clients always know exactly how much staff they will need.

  • Avoid Layoffs

  • Minimize overhiring

  • Mitigate cyclical hiring patterns 

  • More... 

Make Informed Training vs. Hiring Decisions

Stop agonizing over whether to train an existing employee for a new skill or hire for the required when you have the data Brillist makes the decision obvious.

  • Maximize Employee Retention

  • Decrease Unnecessary Hires

  • Make Decisions Faster

  • More...

Prioritize Pivotal Work Orders

With more accurate schedules Brillist highlights which of your work orders are the most pivotal and how to complete them without impacting the remaining work.

  • Focus on work that matters

  • Stop stressing about secondary work

  • Keep all work on schedule

  • More...

Analyze Alternative Plant Models & Production Plans

Use Brillist to quickly analyze those alternative plant models or production plans you don't have the margins to test live.

  • Discover unexpected workflows

  • Increase iterative improvements

  • Analyze any scenario you have the data for

  • More...

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