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Brillist for Manufacturing

The new industry standard for production schedules. Smooth resource usage, plan training vs. hiring, minimize employee turnover and gain increased production planning insights.

Smooth Staffing Levels Across Business Cycles

Avoid being caught flat-footed during sudden changes in demand with Brillist our clients always know exactly how much staff they will need.

  • Avoid Layoffs

  • Minimize overhiring

  • Mitigate cyclical hiring patterns 

  • More... 


Make Informed Training vs. Hiring Decisions

Stop agonizing over whether to train an existing employee for a new skill or hire for the required when you have the data Brillist makes the decision obvious.

  • Maximize Employee Retention

  • Decrease Unnecessary Hires

  • Make Decisions Faster

  • More...

Prioritize Pivotal Work Orders

With more accurate schedules Brillist highlights which of your work orders are the most pivotal and how to complete them without impacting the remaining work.

  • Focus on work that matters

  • Stop stressing about secondary work

  • Keep all work on schedule

  • More...


Analyze Alternative Plant Models & Production Plans

Use Brillist to quickly analyze those alternative plant models or production plans you don't have the margins to test live.

  • Discover unexpected workflows

  • Increase iterative improvements

  • Analyze any scenario you have the data for

  • More...

Our Manufacturing Clients

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