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Graham Construction

With Brillist, Graham completed the project 25% faster

Why they used Brillist

Graham was working on the Cigar Lake Water Treatment Process Facilities and brought us in when the said project was at risk of going over deadline. 

Rapid Results

Graham managed to reduce the planned duration of the project from 12 months to 9 months through the use of Brillist's optimization software.


Company Name: Graham Construction


Date: Jan 2007




Graham is based in Calgary, AB, Canada.  Graham has been working in the construction services industry since 1926.  These services include the pre-construction process, estimating and scheduling expertise, risk management.  Supported by a commitment to safety, sustainable building, and partnerships with site workforces and aboriginal groups.


 ...your software was instrumental in our efforts to reduce our planned duration from 12 months to 9 months. Our team at site continues to work to the plan even now, seven months later, which is an excellent indication of the practicality of the result.

William Hughes, Senior Project Manager

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