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With Brillist, TESC eliminated optimistic best guesses.

Why they used Brillist

TESC was experiencing problems with managers making optimistic best guesses leading to cost and deadline overruns.

Rapid Results

Brillist helped TESC perform their work with our optimization software enabling accurate resource loading and a more accurate schedule across the project.


Company Name: TESC Contracting Co. Ltd.


Date: 2009




Established as a mechanical contractor in 1976, TESC Contracting Company Limited has evolved into a multi-trade construction services provider specializing in industrial projects and plant/facility maintenance. We primarily serve the Industrial, Infrastructure and Institutional markets and offer value to our clients as a single-source option, allowing for more efficient project delivery. 


By following this process the schedule stays up to date daily allowing for easy projections on completion date or running various scheduling scenarios.  This process avoids the optimistic speculation on when management think the project will complete replacing it with the very best information available.

Mike Campbell, Operations Director

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