Finish every project early, every time.

Brillist's project software squeezes the inefficiencies out of your project schedule, so you finish the same scope up to 25% earlier, while adding up to 12.5% to your profits.

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Trusted by construction and manufacturing customers with over $1.1 billion in project work


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William Hughes, Senior Project Manager

...your software was instrumental in our efforts to reduce our planned duration from 12 to 9 months.

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Ross Fraser, Senior Vice President

With Brillist we use our resources more productively making us very competitive in the marketplace. Brillist gives us better future visibility and control over our projects...


Mike Campbell, Operations Director

This process avoids the optimistic speculation on when management think the project will complete replacing it with the very best information...


Finish Your Projects Up To 25% Earlier Than Planned

Is your project already running late? Use Brillist to get it done on time. Just starting out? Brillist takes your existing work and finds the fastest way to complete it - up to 25% earlier - without changing the scope and without increasing cost.


Save Up To 12.5% On Your Project Costs 

Add the costs you used to estimate and bid on your project, and Brillist will calculate the most cost-effective way to execute the project. We can save you up to 12.5% on labor, equipment rental, and overhead and in minutes you can see a schedule that will save you $100,000's.

Make Better Staffing and Subcontracting Decisions

Make better staffing and subcontracting decisions.  Have the right people and equipment in the right place at the right time, to maximize both time and cost results. Brillist shows you how

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